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Focus on jobs not penalising people: ACOSS

28 May 2014

The Australian Council of Social Service has called on the Federal Government to focus on improving job opportunities for young people and strengthen training and education available instead of... [ Read more ]

Who will really pay for Budget repair? ACOSS analysis

22 May 2014

The Australian Council of Social Service has released new analysis revealing that people on low and middle incomes will carry the overwhelming burden of repairing the federal Budget.

"Our analysis... [ Read more ]

G20 lead-in gets underway with C20 Summit

21 May 2014

Global civil society will come together in Melbourne in June for the C20 Summit which is the first of the lead-in G20 ‘satellite' conferences to debate policy suggestions to be put to the G20.

The... [ Read more ]

Budget rethink needed to keep Australia on course

20 May 2014

The Federal Budget does not set a course for building the social infrastructure and opportunity that Australians need according to representatives from state and territory Councils of Social Service... [ Read more ]

State and territory community sector leaders respond to Federal Budget

20 May 2014


Who: Leaders of state and territory Council's of Social Service
When: 10.30am Tuesday, May 20, 2014
Where: NCOSS Courtyard, 66 Albion St Surry Hills

Leaders of state and territory Councils... [ Read more ]

Budget divides the nation, young and old, rich and poor: ACOSS

13 May 2014

The Australian Council of Social Service tonight said it was deeply concerned that those in our nation who carry the greatest burden from spending cuts in the Budget are those who can least afford... [ Read more ]

Community sector response to Federal Budget

13 May 2014

Joint community sector response to Budget: Doorstop

Who: ACOSS CEO Dr Cassandra Goldie and representatives from Australia's Community Sector
When: 10.30am Wednesday, May 14, 2014
Where: Senate... [ Read more ]

Cutting payments and employment supports puts young people at risk

5 May 2014

Australia's peak community sector and youth affairs bodies today expressed deep concern at proposals to deprive young people of payments and employment services, that would make it harder for them to... [ Read more ]