Opinion Pieces

Why kill a working carbon price?

10 July 2014

By Kelly O’Shanassy and Cassandra Goldie, published in The Age on Wednesday July 9, 2014

Since its inception, our price on pollution has seen electricity generators cut their pollution by 10  per... [ Read more ]

Payment gap is at heart of the problem with our welfare system

8 July 2014

By Cassandra Goldie, published in the Australian Financial Review on Tuesday July 8, 2014

It’s a relief to respond to a government-commissioned report on social security that starts with facts and... [ Read more ]

Unemployment plan as unworkable as it is unfair

26 June 2014

By Cassandra Goldie, published in The Australian, Thursday June 26, 2014

The federal budget proposal to remove income support from young people for six months of every year of unemployment is such a... [ Read more ]

Removal of income support for young people risks creating a lost generation

21 May 2014

By Cassandra Goldie published in the Australian Financial Review, May 21, 2014

In delivering his first budget, federal Treasurer Joe Hockey said:"The age of entitlement is over. It has to be... [ Read more ]

Budget deficit can be fixed without cruel cuts that hit the most vulnerable

23 April 2014

Published in The Age Online, Monday April 21, 2014

Much of the focus in the current discussion about Australia's budget deficit is centred around spending cuts. Yet the real problem, as Treasury... [ Read more ]

Pensions: what we must consider before raising the eligibility age

20 April 2014

Published in the Sun Herald newspaper, Sunday April 20, 2014

In the discussion about costs of an ageing population and intergenerational inequality an important point has been lost. People need to... [ Read more ]

Are we committed to an inclusive growth agenda…or not?

11 April 2014

Published in The Australian Financial Review, Friday April 11, 2014

While most of us agree that our nation faces a fiscal challenge, it's harder to get a consensus on the policy solutions to steer... [ Read more ]

Treat extreme heat as emergencies and protect the most vulnerable

3 February 2014

Published in the Sunday Telegraph, February 2, 2014

THIS summer, Eastern Australia has been gripped by a rolling series of severe heatwaves, with Melbourne, Adelaide and much of NSW experiencing... [ Read more ]