Social Support Volunteer X 2, Red Cross

Application URL:
Reference: 503172
Type: Permanent
Position: Social Support Volunteer
Location: Canberra, Australia
Industry: Community Services

Position Summary

Social Support volunteers are matched with a participant who experiences social isolation, for a weekly visit or phone call. Participants may be living in their own home or in Aged Care facilities and activities can include outings to places such as cafes or museums, listening to music together, playing cards or board games, reminiscing or simply having a chat.

Key Responsibilities 

  • Visit or call the participant at least once per fortnight, and preferably weekly
  • When visiting with a group, consult with the group on their interests and preferences for activities, and plan and facilitate group interaction and activities accordingly
  • Maintain regular communication with the Red Cross Coordinator to discuss your visits/phone calls and report any concerns that may arise
  • Attend orientation and ongoing training as required
  • Record and submit monthly reports to the Red Cross Coordinator
  • Respect the rights of participants to confidentiality and privacy
  • Other duties as they may arise
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