Support ACOSS in developing sound policy and undertake effective advocacy on the needs of people affected by poverty, disadvantage and inequality, and to build a strong and sustainable community sector.

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What We Do

What We Do

Effective and influential advocacy for Australia's disadvantaged people

ACOSS has a national reputation for effective and influential advocacy for Australia's disadvantaged people based on high standards of community consultation, policy development, analysis and research.

Key Policy Areas

ACOSS leads and supports initiatives within the community services and welfare sector and acts as an independent non-party political voice. By drawing on the direct experiences of people affected by poverty and inequality and the expertise of its diverse member base, ACOSS develops and promotes socially and economically responsible public policy and action by government, community and business.

ACOSS provides policy advice and represents the views of our members and communities to Government, and informs our members about Government policies related to the community services sector.

Sector Development

ACOSS is also active in ensuring the development and sustainability of the community service sector. This includes work on the regulatory framework governing not-for-profit social services; the adequacy of funding; the capacity to attract and retain workers to the sector; and relationships with governments and other funders.